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Upholstery Cleaning in Santa Monica

There is a wide range of available upholstery fabrics. Though some may sound as though they're made of the same material as our clothing - silk, corduroy, cotton, etc. - the fibers of upholstery fabrics are much more durable than the fibers of fabrics of the same name that are used for clothing. It is important to note, however, that just as silk, corduroy and cotton all have somewhat different laundering instructions, the different fabrics used to cover your furniture also require different cleaning techniques. Fortunately, our upholstery cleaning technicians are well versed in upholstery cleaning protocols for practically every upholstery fabric there is, from natural fabrics to synthetic, leather to microfibers, and everything in between.

upholstery cleaningThough people sit on upholstered furniture daily, upholstery cleaning, somehow, seems to be one of the least liked home cleaning chores. Vacuuming a sofa takes more effort than vacuuming a floor - you need a special attachment and you have to move the cushions. Then there's the job of actually cleaning a sofa - most people don't even know where to begin. So, instead of cleaning or washing often, pillows are plumped (releasing dust into the air) and sofas, chairs, loveseats and other pieces are only vacuumed on occasion. When the upholstery starts looking worn or starts to look spotty, furniture owners think they only have three options: slipcovers, reupholstering or replacement.

Sunbird Cleaning Services would like to offer another, less expensive and less time consuming option: have your furniture revived with a solid round of upholstery cleaning. In most cases it takes only one day (or less), costs considerably less than the other options, and the results are surprising. Your upholstery may not look exactly as it did when you first got it, but it will be fresher, better smelling and last longer.

Upholstery Cleaning Technicians

Sunbird Cleaning Services technicians view upholstery cleaning is something of an art. Knowing just how to coax out difficult stains without ruining the fabric takes finesse and knowledge, and they take time to evaluate your furniture before they start to clean. Then, we will methodically brush (if required) and vacuum every upholstered inch of the piece being cleaned - including backs, bases, undersides, arms and, of course, cushions. The brushing step loosens embedded dirt and strands of hair or fur that has become entangled in fabric fibers. Next, the fabric is inspected for spots, stains, signs of mold or mildew, and to locate any areas needing special treatment or repair. Once problems areas have been detected and dealt with, the rest of the fabric will be cleaned.

Eco-friendly Products and Methods

Sunbird Cleaning Services takes great pains to use Eco-friendly products and methods whenever possible. Fortunately, a lot of upholstery fabrics respond beautifully to upholstery steam cleaning.

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